About the study

About the study

Sexual assault affects many people in the Norwegian population. Nevertheless, we know too little about what kind of help and support is provided after the assault, and how those affected experience the help they receive. Based on this, we have developed the TRUST project to gain more knowledge about these important issues.

We will invite all individuals above the age of 16 who have experienced a sexual assault in the past year. Through a questionnaire or interview, we will examine how the participants are doing over time, their thoughts about the incident, and any experiences they may have had in interactions with their friends, family, the support system, and/or the legal system.

The overarching goal of this study is to improve the health and well-being of individuals who have experienced sexual assault, and to prevent long-term harmful consequences of such events.

In this project, we have put the social context in focus. We believe that the network of public services, family, friends, and others can have an impact on how individuals are doing after experiencing a sexual assault. Through this study, we will gain more knowledge about how experiences with help and support can affect the individual’s health and trust in society. We will also inquire into what help and follow-up they need to improve their well-being.

 The more people that participate, the more comprehensive picture we get of the current situation, and how we can ensure better help and support for future victims.

The knowledge we gain through TRUST will contribute to the development of quality services for those who have experienced sexual assault. It can also contribute to the development of essential information for those who are to support them.