Collaborations within the field

Collaborations within the field

In addition to the user panel, we have several contacts working within the field with whom we consult in the process. The knowledge and experiences of these contacts has been of great importance in deciding which issues are relevant, and in the development of questions for the study.

This is especially important as we want the knowledge generated by TRUST to be practical and useful to those who work with this target group; including the health services, the judicial system and those who work with developing knowledge-based practice. Together we can develop good services for those who experience sexual assault.

Amongst others, we collaborate with:

  • Sexual assault care centres across the country 
  • National Centre for Emergency Primary Health Care (NKLM)
  • Representatives from the Police
  • Researchers at the Police academy 
  • Victim advocates (legal assistance)

We would like to emphasize that creators, designers, consultants, and developers at TRY have developed the social media campaign for this study – pro bono.

The informational video and the images on this website were created by Visual Lab.

We always appreciate input and feedback; so please contact us if there is something you think will be useful for the study or want to discuss.