Participants and recruitment

Participants and recruitment

In this study, we invite all individuals aged 16 and above who have been subjected to a sexual assault in the past year.

Participants can join the study in two ways. Some seek help at a sexual assault care center and may receive information about the study there. Others may learn about the study through social media or from a poster/brochure associated with the study.

About participation in TRUST

From the age of 16, one can provide consent to participate in research without involving their parents (or legal guardians). Therefore, you must be at least 16 years old to take part in the TRUST study.

Many important things happen in the first weeks and months after a sexual assault. This study aims to uncover how to facilitate good health early on. To achieve this, it shouldn’t have been a very long time since the assault occurred.

Whether one decides to participate will not have any consequences for the help or treatment one will receive going forward. Those that seek help at a sexual assault care centre (SACC) will be offered to watch a brief informational video about the study, and then asked for permission to be contacted by the research team in a couple of days with more information about the project. Thus, one will not have to decide on participation while at the SACC, and the staff will not know whether one decides to participate.

Everyone who is asked to participate, both those who choose to join and those who say no, will be encouraged to ask for help if they experience difficulties. At the end of the questionnaire/interview, study participants will be asked how they felt about participating and whether they would like to speak with someone. They can choose to be contacted by a theraphist at a trauma center that can assist with further follow-up.